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Who we are

My name is Giulia and since about 15 years I am taking care of La Cascina Langa, with the fundamental help of my lovely husband Buni.

Living in Milan, I wanted a place in the countryside, away from noise, where you could see deer and starry nights. I bought the first piece (a part of the 'house of stone') and simply restored it for weekends with family and friends.

I began to rent it to cover restructuring costs and mortgages, and I have immediately discovered that guests liked it very much. At the beginning, they were small groups, and their guests were pushing me towards the following enlargements ... “Giulia, why not two more rooms?” and “Why not a pool?”. And so on.

Gradually, I bought the other parts of the village and I have renewed a large part, always baring very well in mind what my guest suggested to me.

A dear friend, well-known architect, gave me the best advice: leave it as close as possible to what it was and is. I did not want projects or special 'signatures'. In the farmhouse I put a lot of passion and care, I equipped it with beautiful things and comfort, but trying to make it a home for everybody, where as you enter you feel immediately at ease.

I do everything for my guests. I want that they feel good, relax and enjoy the extraordinary nature inside and outside my home. I wanted everything that makes a pleasant stay in the country: huge garden, various games, barbecue, terraces, even very large tables, fireplaces, super-equipped kitchens.

Gradually I have specialized my home for large groups, setting up an almost perfect organization, thanks to the experience of my family and my friends beautiful parties and vacation time.

Many people helped me a lot. First of all the ladies and girls supporting me. My neighbors and friends from Denice Montechiaro, from which I learned and I learn every day many things. How to collect the vegetables in the garden, to make ravioli al plin, to clean the wood, to collect rainwater, to use the stone of Langa, etc.

I owe a lot to friends who come to see me and who get excited by each little enlaregment, addition or improvement. I sincerely thank all my guests giving me useful advice for their coming back and for next groups arriving.

Finally, I have a great deal to my children, for whom La Cascina Langa is always the most beautiful house in the world.