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La Cascina Langa is located in the Municipality of Denice (Alessandria), on the ridge that divides Langhe and Monferrato.

La Cascina Langa is located in a hill in the Alta Langa at 480 ms above sea level, between the villages of Denice and Roccaverano, at the border between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. The largest town nearby is Acqui Terme. Milan is 150 km; 100 km from Turin; 80 km from Genoa.

Many airports are quite near: Malpensa, Linate, Torino, Genova, Cuneo

The immediate surroundings of Cascina Langa are full with small jewels-villages, not yet discovered by mass tourism: the Romanesque tower of Denice, ancient castle in Monastero, middlage walls of Mombaldone, the breathtaking view from the terrace of the Alps in Olmo Gentile, the charming village of Roccaverano, with its beautiful parish built on Bramante design, and many other villages where there are excellent restaurants and taverns with specialties and famous wines.

During the year, several ‘sagre di paese’, village festivals, are organized, with local country products (mostly food and wines): Denice organizes in May the festival of lies (sort of cakes), Montechiaro offers the festival of beef in winter, the Monastero ‘festa della polenta’ in fall ...

From La Cascina, in a short time, it is possible to discover famous towns of the Langhe and Monferrato: Asti, Alba, Casale, Santo Stefano Belbo ...

Around La Cascina, there are country streets and paths through the vineyards and forests of chestnut, oak and ash trees, where, at certain times, you can see deer, owls, the honey buzzard, hares, pheasants, buzzards ...

In addition to nature walks, the hills around La Cascina offer interesting trails for mountain bikers; agriturismo San Desiderio, five minutes far, has horses and instructors for both experts and children. In nearby Acqui Terme (twenty minutes away), as well as utility services (supermarkets, shops, etc.) there are different spas.

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