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Located in heart of the property, the pool offers a beautiful view of the hills around. Not heated, it is very well exposed to the sun, so you can use it sometimes already in April and even until mid or late October. It is totally fenced and surrounded by a high hedge on two sides, and by walls on the other two sides. Wooden gates that can be locked control access. Therefore, is totally protected in terms of privacy and security.

The very large space, surrounding the basin with white non-slip floor, can be equipped with many lounge chairs and sun loungers besides four stone benches with large cushions. Swimming pool is also equipped with outdoor shower.

It is possible to swim at night because the pool is equipped with internal lighting system; a lamppost and another ground light in the solarium create very suggestive atmosphere. Electric outlet are available for any devices.

The pool is 12 meters long, 6 wide and 1.40 deep, so does not require security staff.

In the bathing season, the pool is cleaned daily and the levels of chlorine and pH are monitored constantly. Guests can also be trained about how to use a small robot for daily cleaning

Behind the pool there is the “fieniletto”, with two rooms in the shade: it is very useful to shelter pool games, beach chairs, pillows, etc., and if required can be equipped with a small fridge.