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Many spaces and small ancient buildings are part of the property:

- A large garden with various relax areas equipped with benches, chairs, chase long, pergola, etc. and a playground for kids (swing and slide).

- A large terrace-solarium, perfect for eating (there is a kitchen very close) and very suitable for sunbathing even in winter, autumn and spring.

- A soccer field in grass, 9 m. x 15 m.

- A small house with wood oven, where families of the village used to cook bread. The oven house is equipped with tools for making also pizza and focaccia and is large enough to host bread-making classes.

- A romantic old barn (‘fieniletto’), built in stone and wood, is used as a leisure area (with “calcio balilla” and tennis table) and as a music and dance stage. Beside, a maxi BBQ 2 meters large is suitable for maxi grill.

The property also includes a small orchard and woods with beautiful trails were guests can collect wood for the fireplace. In the woods, you can pick up, depending on the season, chestnuts, primroses, mushrooms and may be truffles.

Other lands are cultivated: rotate crops.